GSL Dynamics Inc.
Business Consulting & Value Engineering


Your SWAT Team for difficult business problems

GSL Dynamics is a consulting company specializing in solving difficult business problems.

Based in Orange County, California, we serve clients in a variety of industries in the US and Japan.  We’re active in the Automotive, Powersports, Consumer Electronics and Sporting Goods verticals.


GSL’s Consulting Services are broadly arranged into two categories: New Development Services and Business Support Services.

For new development, we help define the “fuzzy front end” of a project.  We’ll assist in gathering market intelligence, create strategic plans, mock up financial & distribution models, provide actionable advice, and optimize your product and service designs.  We’ll help you do it right the first time.

GSL supports your existing operations by designing reports, documenting the current state of the process, and streamlining your business through targeted improvements.  In short, we help make existing business problems visible so that they can be fixed.


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