Friday Fun Links 4-28-2017

Happy Friday!  We’re back with another week of random musings:

Books I’m reading:  Andrew “bunnie” Huang’s excellent book “The Hardware Hacker” belongs on every engineer’s shelf.  If you’re interested in hardware design, want to learn about manufacturing, or geek out on how zipper pulls are made (truly fascinating cultural/process model) this book is for you.

Regardless of religious affiliation, Pope Francis’ recent Ted Talk is a great reminder of our responsibility as human beings on this little blue marble we call Earth.

I think I’ve found my favorite new sport in Beer Yoga.  Apparently it’s an actual thing.  No, seriously.

In case you’re in need of a USB to CAN adapter to, say, hack your motorcycle’s onboard network, the CANable is a dainty little tool to get you going.

What I’m listening to this week:  In a bit of a Hawaiian slack key guitar mood, so this tune has been adding a little aloha when stuck in traffic.