Friday Fun Links 5-5-2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This week’s insignificant ramblings follow:

What I’m (re)reading:  David M. Andersen’s “Design for Manufacturability“.  I need to brush up on my DFM chops for a couple projects and this is a great summary of ideas…

What I’m listening to:  “Wait for the Moment” from Vulfpeck

Most popular Instagram post:  This one on the receipt of my new CANable USB-CAN adapter

Want to ponder your place in the universe?  Check out this image from NASA showing the Abell 370 galaxy cluster, and imagine just how many strange and wonderful places there are to explore.

Considering a 3D printer?  We’ve been looking around and the Prusa i3 Mk2 seems to be the top contender so far.  Email us with any advice you might have!